What if

I believe most of us have thought about the two words, “what if?” at some point in our lives. These thoughts can be connected to anything, positive, negative or even depressing. Sometimes, “what if’s” can induce nostalgia, other times they can motivate us into doing great things.

So, here’s some food for thought, to make you smile, laugh and maybe even wonder.

  1. What if you were born an ant?
  2. What if you were in another country?
  3. What if you could stop reading this and invent a never ending jar of Nutella instead?
  4. What if you were born in another period in time?
  5. What if you were Arya Stark?
  6. What if Donald Trump is a genius who invented a hypnotic potion, released it U.S.A’s water supply and hence manipulated  America into voting for him?
  7.  What if technology ceased to exist?
  8.  What if all humans had the exact same features. (Logical people, pleae beware of this pointer.)
  9. What if you really are a piece of shit?
  10. What if the next time you wake up, your life would be like the last film you saw? And what if that film is “Aunty No. 1”, starring Govinda?