Journalist attacked with water balloons for writing about children’s reading habits


Dholakpur: A freelance journalist, Nirdosh Pirzada was recently attacked by children for writing a controversial article about how kids should be encouraged to read. The five accused go to the same preschool in Dholakpur. The attackers used water balloons which were prepared in advance and threw a barrage of them at the hapless journalist when he was coming out of his car, parked outside his residence.

The intensity of one of the water balloons was fierce and caused Pirzada to lose balance, as a result of which he fell and suffered a scrape on his knee. The attackers made sure to finish the prepared balloons on the man and ended the violence with a spray of cold water, on his chest, delivered through a water gun.

They fled from the spot soon after their mothers called them back home to finish their homework and milk. Pirzada is currently admitted to an expensive city hospital where he is undergoing treatment to cure his scrapes and post-traumatic headache. Doctors have said he will need intensive care and will be charged five times of what the treatment actually should.

Meanwhile, the children have been taken into custody for questioning and investigation by the Dholakpur police. One of them, Titoo aged 6, said, “He has no right to tell us children that we should read, look at our ministers and leaders, they don’t read. I want to be like them when I grow up.” An emotional Titoo started crying after this and was consoled after he was allowed to play with his favourite action figure, which he proudly called Namoo. The other children weren’t available for comments since they were occupied in a ceremony organised by their school, applauding them for their deed. The school has also named five squads in their honour.

Pirzada, a journalist since one year was enraged and is planning on taking the matter to court. “I won’t let these kids go free. Their minds have been poisoned because they drink cow’s milk, I am telling you buffalo milk is A1.”

Pirzada fainted after his Facebook live session.

The murdered raccoon

How to Solve a Murder the CID way

Last night, a racoon was found brutally murdered in his Sunset Boulevard Mansion in San Francisco. The racoon, Shaun Shaunesy, a rich heir of his mother’s G.I Joe business was last seen by 100 people in his house since a party was going on in his mansion on the night of the murder. Shaun was known for his affluent lifestyle and good taste in antiques because he could afford it. Apart from this, Shaun was a peaceful resident and was planning to marry Lily, a heiress from East London.

The San Francisco Police department officials, who reached the scene after a month were unable to find the body. Only some blood stains that tasted like tomato juice and feathers that probably came out of Shaun’s favourite goose feather pillows, were found. Shaun was also a part-time goose, and the feathers found on the crime scene were suspected to be his. All the other people who attended the party were not present at the crime scene since they thought one month was too long a time for them to wait for the investigations to begin.

The police have declared that murder is a surity, however, they are not sure who committed the crime since they have no skills to find out.

They have put down the names of a few suspects, but inspector Gregory George wrote these names on his hand. After eating food, he washed his hands and he figured that the ink was not permanent. Gregory wasn’t available for quite some time after this incident, but when he was, he said, “I didn’t realise the ink was not water proof. I was hoping to keep the names on my hand as a tattoo, forever.” Considering this as a failure for not knowing basic concepts of inspection, Gregory quit and he pursued a career in developing permanent ink. According to him the world needed more permanent ink.

Investigations are likely to go on until the case has been forgotten. Stay tuned.