Lessons from a Cartoon’s Life

Bored Bob is a cartoon character I created when I was 6 minutes old.  After I was done with the mandatory post birth crying indicating I was alive, I signaled my mother to bring me a paper and started drawing Bob.  Bored Bob’s character spans the life of a face (he doesn’t have a body because I never got to that out of sheer lack of the urge to make it.)   Why it is important that Bob is a cartoon is because being a cartoon he is just observing the people around the world, he is not biased. Since he is not human, he offers the most neutral opinion on how human beings conduct themselves.

Why I drew Bob is a question I can’t answer, since I fail to find the answer even after an extensive google search.

All I know is that Bob was inspired out of boredom and the feeling of being unamused by almost everything in the world. Bob is pessimistic since he wants human beings to think about the downside of being in a certain situation. He expects you to think about the negatives before the positives. Having said that, Bob is a practical individual too, since through his pessimism he is constantly trying to improve. It’s efficient pessimism, in other words. Or is that called being a realist?  He wants you to not find a silver lining always. Bob feels that boredom can lead to great things. Take for instance, the case of a glass that is half filled with water, or empty. Compare this to the entire volume of water that the earth has inside it today. If we keep thinking that the glass is half full and are satisfied by that thought, we will never be able to look at the problem of there soon being a dearth in the water supply. Hence, Bob’s practicality is established.

If you are still not convinced, think about it, if you are always happy and moderately satisfied with your life, how will you be able to drive change? You will continue to be in a very comfortable bubble and keep doing the same things till you die. It is only when you feel bored that you think about other possibilities and other great things you can do with your life. Bob does not encourage pessimism to the extent that there is no coming back from it, he just urges you to think if you are amused or excited about anything, often enough to keep you going.

Bored Bob was very happy being in his mother’s womb, but now suddenly, he was out in this cruel world. A world in which people chase useless things. Someone is running after money, some people are running after getting themselves degrees to hang on their walls. Some our building resume’s so that they get a higher paying job which is equally un-interesting. Worse, some are just fulfilling their parent’s expectations because they are too chicken to follow their passion, which they don’t even know exists. They think it is okay to do drab work and have a few hobby’s on the side. Little do they know that maybe those hobbies could be what could fuel a brilliant life. So, finding a silver lining everywhere will lead you no where.

“If you expect the worst, you’ll never be disappointed.” is  a quote by Sarah Dessen and it couldn’t be truer.

Bored Bob knew what kind of a world he had entered into. He always knew that he had to chase boredom, critique and comment on everything that the world was up to.

He was greeted with negativity as soon as he was born. Negativity related to his father not giving him enough attention because he was clicking selfies with him, negativity because his own mother was off to work after delivering him, skyping to console Bob. Bored Bob was lonely minutes after stepping into the world. As a mechanism to protect himself from the cruel world, he became a hard core pessimist and decided that nothing will make him happy, so it’s better to bring to light these negativities so that more people realise how dysfunctional they are. At least that way they know that things need to be changed. Boredom is a like a point of inflection between being average and being great.

When he was born, his parents were amused by the number of cares he could not give.  There has been one exception though, there was a time when Bored Bob chuckled for a duration of 30 hours. He just couldn’t get over how humans follow routines every day. They wake up at a certain time of the day and get ready to work and complain. Why do they get caught in these ruts, is not understandable. Imagine a world where there’s a majority of people doing what they love. There will be less depression, less worries and more peace.

But why is Bored Bob important at all? He is important because he stands for all those people who couldn’t care less about the world. Who couldn’t care less about what you ate for lunch, or how many babies you want when you grow up. Bored Bob and his followers, which are none at the moment, stand up for the right to be indifferent to all the non-sense humans have created.

Agreeing to what this giant leprechaun once said, ” If it were not for pessimists, optimists would be all the people in this world. “


How To be Human

Air strikes, people dying and screaming is a normal scenario. You cannot go out because you might get killed, you cannot run errands because all shops are shut. You cannot go out for fresh air, because there is none. You cannot go and meet your best friend from 10 years because he is dead. You are in a hospital, getting stitches because you are hurt by the bomb blast, you walk to get some water and stumble upon a body that is your sister’s. You were hoping to find her later.
And I was upset the other day because there was no water supply in my building.
You may have valid reasons for disliking someone. You and your friends have varied opinions about people and topics. We take difference in opinions for granted, casually posting a status on Facebook or writing an opinionated article. Some people, however, have paid for having an opinion and for letting out the angst that they had been storing in their heads. Now one day, a black girl child is passing by a wall in today’s America and she spray paints anti-trump slogans on the wall. Next thing she knows, a war has started because she piqued Trump. Because she expressed her thoughts about how unfair the whole system really is.
 This is exactly what happened in Syria, the angst of a 14 year old boy laid foundation for a massive Civil War. The difference is that, today there are so many people speaking against Trump, mocking him and his ways. Mouawiya Syasneh, the 14 year old boy, while maybe not the only one who was angry, was definitely the only one who was noticed. The people of Syria are still paying for it. Some Syrians might not even be interested in the politics of their country, they are also paying for it. Babies who were not even born then, are paying for it now.
This is only a written glimpse of the events that have rendered Syria shapeless, the most troubled state in the world. Horror, terror and everything else has taken over the minds and hearts of the people. Imagine being uneasy for 5 years. There is still little hope for respite and getting back to normality.
The world has been talking about Trump since he wasn’t even born. Whilst the issues surrounding Trump are important and disturbing, talking and bashing him is only giving him more importance rather than changing what he thinks. Maybe talking about him so much is actually helping, there is no definite answer. But we do know that he will continue to rant until even after he is dead.
The idea is to spread awareness and to make the curious know more by discussing and acknowledging the plight of people who are suffering. I am writing about Syria, because I stumbled upon an article talking about it. People are suffering elsewhere too, however, we don’t know about all the other situations of suffering. The idea is to know. It is not a Utopian thought about creating solutions that will magically help eradicate these problems, they won’t. It is just the tiniest step that you as a reader and I as a person who can write okay sentences can do to make a difference in your and my pool of awareness.
More than 11 million Syrian nationals are currently displaced. Most of them are refugees. People who have been moved from their own homes & cities to live like nomads. Without any warnings, without any direction. Vagueness and ambiguity has trapped them in a hopeless loop.
A Civil War is a war that takes place between groups from the same country. In Syria, this is happening between a group that supports the President and another group called the ‘rebels.’
The unrest began in 2011 and has only become worse through the years. Wanting the President to resign with hope for democracy and greater freedom, the protests continued. Violence began when peaceful protests were disrupted by gun fire and other methods of physical harm.
The impact of this intense disagreement between the two groups falls down on the common man like a dent that cannot be repaired. The common man who only has an opinion regarding which sides he should take, the common man who was working hard to provide for his family, or was already helpless and worried even before he or she became a refugee. Children are unable to attend school, fear has taken over everyone’s senses and terror looms large over their heads.
Referring to the human as ‘common’ not because these people are ordinary, common because they are not unique like the extremist groups who would kill to prove a point. These common people who maybe extraordinary otherwise, a brilliant painter, an aspiring economist, an entrepreneur and a doctor who couldn’t give his last semester exams. Not only are people killed, not only are lives disrupted, but so many dreams are lost.
According to the UN, funds amounting to $7.7 billion dollars are needed to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrians.
Here are a few documentaries that you can watch to know the plight of children who are forced to work to supplement their family income. A young hand takes over hundreds of sardines to gut and fillet them.
4 million people have been displaced by these wars, while some may have found asylum in neighboring countries, some are still travelling, finding their new home and the others must need some hope. Hope of the form that the rest of the world acknowledges their plight.
You, refugees, are explorers, not voluntary ones, but those of you still breathing and living  are brave.
Their are no mechanics and repairmen who can fix you, only humanity can.
How do I become human, I do not know.