How to be Successful: Part 2

Inspired by an article that I read recently, I decided to write something that should tell you the steps to be successful. This is part 2 of a post I have written previously. If you want to waste time, you can check it out here. Following what successful people do should certainly bring improvements in your life. Ms. Scholes, a random person walking on the street said, “You see, there is a fixed recipe, a procedure and a way to do it.” She had no clue what the topic was. People have written books on what successful people do in the mornings, during the weekends, while taking a dump, while showering and while sleeping. That must mean that there is some demand for knowing things like these, because at the end of the day, they do have a point.

I read a lot of crap on the internet, but every once in a while I find gold. The article I am referencing to is one of those. It was published by ‘Forges’ magazine in the recent past.  The following part is a step by step break down of the research published by them. I have put it in simple words, since it was too complex to decipher by the naked eye. However, I wore spectacles and magically, I was able to read it better. Weird. I am such a muggle in this magical world, thank god for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To get into the school, click here. Am I digressing?

Let’s go on ahead with some characteristics and habits of these cool sorted people now:

Find and pursue your passion: After an in-depth research into the topic, the magazine has come up with groundbreaking results. The new finding is that in order to be successful it is important that you give two fucks about what you do. They have found out a proportional relationship between success and passion. Scholars & scientists have come and gone after trying for centuries to crack the code behind consistent motivation. Now we know.

Plan Something Fun to do: The definition of fun is, “Enjoyment, amusement or light hearted pleasure.” The second result of the research points towards planning something ‘fun’ to do over the weekends to keep you motivated throughout the week. You see, humans have been grossly unaware of how to take a break and unwind. One of the researchers, Mr. Shaw said, “Till now most of us have been delusional and thought that boredom is surreal.” Please plan something ‘fun’ to do so that you can have fun. Also take what this giant leprechaun once said, “You need to drink something to get rid of thirst.”

Ultra-successful people are usually composed: Ultra successful people are composed by men like Pritam. Interested individuals please contact him.

Eat a healthy Breakfast: The key to being intelligent is eating fruits, vegetables & drinking disgusting green juices. I have been a fool, a mere FOOL to never realize this. After eating fat, carbohydrates and oily Indian food, I had no clue it was hampering my thinking. I was unaware that a healthy breakfast could absorb all the dumbness residing inside me. Something strange happened though, I met Rochelle, a 10 year old aspiring astronaut, who ate fruits and everything healthy before sending out her NASA application. NASA didn’t accept her, saying that they don’t take dogs as students, something I found to be really bizarre. Rochelle was inspired by what Laika had achieved.

They forge their own ways: The research says exactly this, “Their direction comes from within, from their own principles and values. They do what they believe to be the right thing, and they’re not swayed by the fact that somebody might not like it.” In other words, successful people have a GPS system installed inside themselves that helps to find their direction. No matter where they want to go, they very literally know which road to take.

I however, agree with the giant leprechaun who once said, “You know you are successful when you don’t read how to be successful articles anymore.”


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