A quiz to tell you how smart you are?!

Are you educated? If yes, take this quiz to know how smart you are. The questions are lifted from a sample of question papers made by schools for standards 6th-10th, or ‘grades’ 6th-10th, as they say in the soon to be, Separated States of Americannot. 

Here they are:
1) Define and explain the different types of bacteria present in school canteen food. Also write a paragraph long enough to fetch you 5 marks.                                   (2 marks)

2) Locate New Delhi and Tokyo on the map provided with the question paper. (Note that the capitals of important country’s excluding the ones in Africa, are already marked for your reference.) 

                                                          (20 marks)

3) Write A-Z in upper and lower case.

                                                          (26 marks) 

4) Fill in the blank: Tom went to the market yesterday and bought ________.

a) His mom’s brain

b) A better name for himself

c)A selfie stick 

d)His brain            

                                                      (23.65 Marks)

5) If 1+1 = 2, then what do you get by rotating the addition sign at an angle 90 degrees?    

                                                         (2+0 Marks)

6) Write 1-10 in upper and lower case. 

                                                            ( 0 Marks)

7) What is the opposite of a squirrel? 

a) A racoon 

b) A mouse AKA Stuart Little

c)A Ninja Turtle

                                                           (4 spiders)
If you answered them all, you get 100 points, if you were stuck on a few because of the difficulty level, practice more. Afterall, practice makes a man perfect. 

If you answered none, you are truly smart. 


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