How to travel?

How do we travel? Who discovered travelling? Who was the first person to come across travelling? Is travelling good for your health? If these questions have popped in your head, you are the smartest person your dog knows. If you don’t have a dog, do you even exist? Have the curiosities of your head loitered around google search pages wanting to know the answers?

If you yelled out a confident, ‘Yes’ to all these questions, then you are at the right place.

Anyway, let’s get to it. What is travelling? The google definition of travel is the following, “make a journey, typically of some length.” For instance, when you get up from your bed and go to the kitchen, it’s travelling. You may choose to walk, run or skate. The modes of transportation are varied.

But what if you want to venture beyond the realms of your home? It’s possible that going till your bedroom, bath and kitchen is just not enough travelling for you. This post will help you in solving those exact problems.

Below is a conclusive list, a recipe that will tell you how to travel, from deciding a place to everything else. Let’s begin the travelenture!

  1. Google the term, ‘wanderlust’ and let your inner pretensions come alive. Refer to your ‘bucket-list’ or just follow the latest travel trends from sources like Instagram. Another search term you may consider, “where are all the cool people travelling to?” After this, you just need basic shortlisting and you know where you are headed.
  2.  Second, search for ‘cool travel quotes’ that you will put below your Instagram pictures. This one is potent. A great man once said, “You haven’t truly travelled unless you have uploaded 786 pictures of your face being in Berlin, online.” Additionally, do not forget to buy a selfie stick. Click the link for more information.
  3. Search with terms like, “cheap hotels”, “cheap trips”, “cheap airline tickets”, and “how do I become the cheapest person on earth.” You will be sure to get the best deals from this one.
  4. Book the cheapest airfare tickets. Disclaimer: This might be the last time you’d be able to walk. You see, when the seat in front of you is fully reclined and you are unable to recline your own because of humanity, your legs have to make the sacrifice. Would you rather lose your legs or tell the person in front to de-recline? Former sounds good.
  5. After having sorted your flight and hotel reservations, the next step is to get ready for your very undeserved vacation. Grab your bags and dump all things unnecessary. When your luggage is 10 kg’s overweight, you know you need to add 10 kg’s more. You ask why? Because the logic inside your head is also away for a vacation.
  6. Now, seems like you’re almost good to go. Next step is to check in at the airport. There are two check-in’s, one at the airport and the other on Facebook.
  7. Now fly and reach your destination, enjoy, take in the fresh air, unless you’re travelling to Delhi. Take pictures, roam and just be your cartoon self.


P.S.- Do not forget to steal all those shampoo bottles, tiny soaps, bed sheets, bed covers, cushions, pillows, lamp shades, bulbs and bathroom fittings from the hotel.

A great leprechaun once said, “You haven’t truly travelled if you haven’t moved at all.” So, keep moving and only then you will truly know what it is to travel and how you like doing it. There is no recipe, this post was written to make you realise that.


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