Must You Wanderlust?

Humans, I have a bone to pick with some of you. I had to come here to tell you, to make you understand the true meaning of being me, of being wanderlust.

I am wanderlust, an extremely agitated word from the English language. I am coming here straight out of the oxford dictionary to tell you what I mean. Some of you took the name too seriously, and wandered to the wrong interpretation of it. No? Excuse my sense of humour at the moment please, I am having what you may understand as an outburst.

Yes, this is wanderlust writing to you, to each one of you who have misused me, who have shamelessly ‘hash-tagged’ me under pictures of faces wearing aviators, under a video of you driving to the mall. I am deeply frustrated. I couldn’t take it no more, that’s why I am here, to voice my concerns and botheration.

And I am sure that most of my very enthusiastic users don’t know what I mean, even if you do there is some serious misinterpretation happening. Let me explain. My meaning is a strong desire to explore, to wander. A lust to wander, hence wanderlust. You have to have an itch, you need to be truly anxious and restless if you don’t hit the road for a while. You can’t survive without packing your bags every 2-4 months, if that is your situation, then you may say that you have ‘wanderlust.’ But you humans have no shame, some of you.

I was surfing the internet and I found out that one of the best ways to do that is to write my exasperation down and express my feelings through what you people call social media. I tried to get a hang of all this since I reside in a library and had plenty access to resources that helped me in setting up a blog etc.

Anyway, I must continue my rant.  You should only use me when you’re certain that you’re an explorer, a true traveller, a spontaneous soul who loves to soak in the raw beauty of the earth.

Yet I find myself forcefully stuck in between Instagram captions, under photographs that are of a human who went for an hour long drive to the nearest lake, and worse, to the airport. Is going to the airport to catch the sunrise wanderlust? I do not think so, humans.

Use me, when you have a backpack on your shoulders, miles to go, a fire and excitement to observe and be. (Yes, be? I can be pretentious too, if I want.)

Oh, also did you know that people with wanderlust are called ‘wanderlusters’?! I did not. Definitely did not.

Since this has been an angry note, mostly, let me explain patiently, the reason why it’s not ‘cool’ to just casually use me. Here’s why, and there’s science involved, so it must be legit. If you’re wondering how I was able to grasp all of this so fast, I must reiterate that I am quite smart, since I live in a library.

Here’s your reason, drink it up. Did you know that scientists have recently found a ‘risk’ gene in human beings that is associated with spontaneity and the willingness to venture out into the unknown? Science has found out that it is the presence of a chemical, ‘dopamine’ which leads certain individuals to have more ‘wanderlust type’ tendencies. So unless you are sure that your DNA consists of this magnificent gene, must you wanderlust?

Having said this, a particular gene cannot single-handedly explain any desires or features of human behaviour. There are various other biological variables involved. Hence, this reasoning cannot be the ONLY reason for your urge to travel, but it is definitely one of them, humans. An article you may want to refer to for additional understanding on this matter is right here.

Even if you have wanderlust, my only concern and ask from you is to be aware, to fully know the meaning and implication of using me. I hope I have tried to explain myself and my concerns here, you understand, right?

The thing is, human, that internet and the bombardment of travel blogs have romanticized traveling. It is understandable that there is nothing like exploring the unknown. But it’s not really unknown, when the place you are visiting is the third most popular destination in the world. Is it? Excuse my tone, I may sound condescending. But what is a mere word to do? Must you note that wanderlust is an impulse to travel, it’s spontaneity coupled with the ability to take risk.  I understand that I can’t judge you, according to you being a tourist or a traveller. Traveling is traveling, tourist or explorer. But don’t hype it, don’t be delusional, human. I am a humble word and this is my humble and only request.

Lastly, I’d like to add a pinch of cliché to this rant, quoting from the film, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”






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