Thank you, dude


About 8 years back my family took a trip to Goa. The preparations had begun 2 months prior, including bi-weekly visits to the travel agent. We were investing our time, effort and money to meet the agent and get ripped off. Today, travel agents are on the verge of extinction. (-sobs-) Thanks to the messiah of technology, we have become smarter travellers.

I found myself taking 2 impromptu trips within the last 3 months. The spontaneity that comes with exploring different places these days is definitely made easier with the help of technological advancements.

I am feeling particularly grateful today, because I had a cup of  Brooke Bond’s ‘Taaza’ chai and it made me all positive about life. Their ‘taaza holey’ campaign is so on point and inspiring that I ordered 2 kilogrammes of it this morning, just to keep the inspiration going. If you don’t understand what I am referring to, check this link out. If you STILL don’t get where I am coming from, check this one too. I assure you inspiration.

If you think I am being biased to a brand, check THIS out.

Coming back to the point I am trying to make here: technology has influenced and changed the way we travel today. This change didn’t take place 20-30 years ago, but it has been happening gradually. More so, in the last 6 years. ( I am speaking like I am some travel expert, don’t mind the tone. )

These improvements happened everyday, but they have been so gradual and smooth that we may not realise and acknowledge their immense impact.  It is nearly impossible to travel without your phone today. The reasons for this could be many and I will try to list it in the order of events. That is, from you taking a mode of transport from your house to the airport and back.

Now let’s arrange and attend the wonderful marriage between travel and technology.

Below are some common scenarios a traveller might experience, made better by technology.

  1. Book a cab through an app: With the tap of your fingers and minimum wait, you have booked a cab for yourself. You don’t have to ask around for ways, you have all the time to sit on the back seat and do anything at all.  Additionally, because of the GPS (Global Positioning System) primarily invented by Roger L. Easton, we are confident to let ourselves get responsibly lost in new places.
  2.  Since you want to save paper, you show the screenshot at the counter and get in. There was a time when elaborate documents and were required to check in everywhere. We’ve come far from that.
  3. Because you have an Instagram account with as many as 20 followers, you take out your selfie stick invented by Wayne Fromm and start taking pictures inside the airport. Everyone is so eager to see that you are having fun, aren’t they?
  4. You take more pictures on the way, edit and filter them, make them pretty. By the end of your trip, you have a billion of them and store them in your hard disk that someone named Rey Johnson invented back in 1956.
  5. Some of you might understand the struggles of not knowing the native language of a place. Google translate and apps like Duo Lingo have come to our rescue.
  6. You can’t decide from among 3 books you want to read, keeping them in your already bloated luggage is not a great idea. There comes Kindle, simple.
  7. Power banks. I have seen way too many people panic because they forgot their power banks at home, especially if you’re one with a 2-year-old iPhone. Your battery will dip from 34-0 within seconds. #morepowertoyou

Acknowledge the inventors of paper soaps, paper shampoos, travel kits, airplanes, architects who designed some gorgeous airports for you, all those commercial coffee chains that serve you coffee and bad sandwiches at airports, bus stops and railway stations. I don’t think a lot of us can imagine travelling like we used to about 6-7 years back. It only makes sense to give credit to the thoughtful beings who made a lot of these advancements possible and be grateful to even the smallest bug fixes.

Surrounding yourself with so much technology might not be a good idea while unwinding, but there’s no denying the fact that life is indeed easier. Follow the principle of consuming moderation with moderation, and you are good to go.


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