How To Turn 21?!

Birhday’s are so weird. The hoopla around the day you were born on, something that happened with no effort from your side is not even funny. But I have to agree, you do feel a sense of achievement, because you’re so alive and you realise that you can do so much in life and also that you’re a piece of shit and so cheesy for writing the first part of this never ending sentence.

So talking about the hoopla again, there’s so much pressure to celebrate your birthday to the max every single year. Unless you’re 69 and just bored of living.

I turn 21 today and am already freaking out that I am now 2 years older than a teenager but still behave like one. (Wow complex sentence, grammarly would kill me right now.)

I decided yesterday night that I will turn 21 with a bang. Check out my plan below:

1. Over order food that you think tastes good, and also because it’s your birthday and your stomach needs rich food.

Reality is however different my fellow readers ( mom and my dog). The food you ordered was pathetic, and you dropped half of it on your laptop.

2. Make very positive resolutions about how you will change now and be more responsible.In other words, not really.

3. Check your face for wrinkles and hair for the grey. You know, because now you are older.

4. Realise that you’re actually 44.

5. Make a plan with friends. In other words, what you do when you meet them everytime, except it’s your birthday today and they’ll give you cadbury’s.

6. Expect expensive gifts and get disappointed when you get a 16 GB iPhone as a present. #firstworldproblems

7. Cry yourself to sleep because, because it’s your birthday and imma spend my money.

8. Check facebook till you’re swamped with “HBD’S” and “HBD dear :-).” If you’re not, your life is sad, REALLY sad.

9. Write a post because you’re a piece of shit.

I’ll stop writing because it’s my birthday and I have a party to attend. Wink wink.


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