The worst poem ever

My heart skips a beat,

Time pauses,

Panic takes over in the most disgusting way

My face looks like a potato,

I cannot scream enough in my head;

When my phone falls.

The pain is worse when it falls face first,

Without any screen guard, without any armours.

I freeze for split seconds,

Muster courage to pick it up,

And in Hindi movie slow motion style, look at the battered body.

I rush it to the nearest service centre,

Where it’s declared brought dead.

The repair person feels extremely apologetic,

But that doesn’t help,

Because in my hands is my constant companion,

Staring at me, with no light and no hope.

“How will I avoid awkward social situations?”

“Who will wake me up in the morning?”

I could only think of such questions.

But I have to be strong,

Since I see an old classmate coming my way,

And I have to avoid saying hello by pretending to be busy on my phone.

This was the last time my phone and I pulled this act off,

And it was surreal.


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