How to take an interview feat. Gill’s

2 and a half years ago, in a tiny space on the internet, in the city of Youtube, “the girl in white” became known to about 2 lakh people and counting. Obviously, this happened because of a video, rather, infamous video starring  a co-interviewer, 4 glasses of water, my phone, Kanan Gill, lots of discomfort and I.

The number of views on the video were definitely not anticipated. Therefore, I decided to write a few pointers as to how to take an interview, an interview that may direct you to stardom.

Before you proceed, watch the video here and look at how everything is just how an interview is supposed to be. Just watch. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable everybody is and how there’s no awkwardness leaking out from your computer screen.

Caution: If it’s not followed  properly, your self respect might be a tad bit tarnished.

Here we go:

  1. Make sure you invite someone important, someone funny and definitely someone popular. I decided to contact Kanan Gill since he was all the rage back in 2014. Pretentious Movie Reviews (this one’s my favourite) had just become popular and almost every teenager and college going individual knew him. P.S.- the common surname doesn’t make him my brother, but I definitely think that someday I would meet him again at a random Punjabi wedding.
  2. Make sure you’re representing something mildly big, I represented DU Beat, which is the largest student-run newsletter in Delhi University. #showoff
  3. Be under prepared and trust yourself: That’s exactly what I did, I had never taken an interview in my life before this one and I am not the most chatty person. So I thought, I’ll trust myself and do an improv. After watching that video, you’ll see how much that worked out.
  4.  Wear a solid colour: After reading some of the comments on the video I realised that I had become ‘the girl in white’. So please make sure that you don’t wear a pattern like a leopard print, or a plaid shirt. Simply because, I’d rather be ‘the girl in white’ than be the ‘girl in leopard print.’ Just sounds off and it’s not catchy enough.
  5. Keep an extra glass of beverage in the frame: Courtesy of the discussion in the comments section, I figured that the extra glass of water was raising a lot of eyebrows. So always keep an extra beverage on the table, and make sure it’s in the frame. People these days really want to know who that ghost beverage might be for. #morecomments
  6. Make the interview sound like  one of those conversations that you have with a person because your mom forced you to talk to them. You are instructed to “be nice to them” and “keep them entertained” because your parents know that persons  parents and “aise acha nahi lagta.” The kind of scenario where you have to say anything, ANYTHING before the silence makes you numb. So after a lot of thinking a question like, “what’s your favorite color” comes out.
  7. Upload it online and wait for a few people to go berserk over the video, but only if you followed the 6 points above.


There you have it, the perfect recipe for an interview.

Anything vaguely funny or uncomfortable online will grab somebody’s attention. That’s exactly what happened in this case. If you’ve ever felt like a fool on social media or anywhere for that matter, it’s okay, don’t fret and watch this interview.

Internet can be brutal some times, and I have not faced that brutality ever, but even if you have it’s not a big deal. Keep swimming.


















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