That Uber pool rider

We know Uber pool is a great initiative by this meta start-up to save the environment. The idea is brilliant since most individuals will always be attracted to an initiative if it also means they have to spend less.

That’s what happened with Uber pool, you’re saving the environment AND your money, win win.

But as much as I love the service, there are times when I wish I had the money to book an Uber Go.

So to all the Uber pool riders, I do not know if I should smile at you when you come sit next to me. I do not know if I should quietly go about my business of plugging in my headphones and looking at the picturesque view of traffic jams and junctions. I also do not know if I should tell you to stop talking so loudly on the phone, when you do.

Especially when you’re talking in a language I do not understand, it takes away the opportunity to eaves drop. Your constant chatter about how you are wearing the garment you shopped for recently or how you are so hungry, are not more interesting than Dora the explorer or Kipper, for that matter.

When I do smile sometimes, when I am in the mood; you either look away or don’t look at all. I have to keep my gaze constantly to the side, away from you so that I don’t have any scope of making conversation with you while we sit so conscious of our boundaries.

Do you know how lovely the view really is in traffic jam packed cities? It’s amazing and to die for. There’s a million cars around you, with frustrated drivers and riders and the  equally frustrated environment.

The digital age has unintentionally conditioned  us to to avoid any awkward or uncomfortable social situation by taking out our phones and tapping away to ignorance. Sometimes, I aimlessly scroll through social media feeds and get bored to death. But horror strikes when my phone has no battery, and I am stuck in the car seat, with lots of awkward silence, loud horns, an indifferent driver and…. you.


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