Why do we hate to wait? 

People hate to wait at airports and elsewhere. We dislike waiting for someone or something when we let the boredom seep in through us. 

Your restlessness and frustration with waiting is directly proportional to the fear of boredom. Boredom sucks, it’s the lowest point in a U-shaped curve. Boredom can lead you to do weird things, like eat a lot of food even when you’re not hungry, or sleep when you don’t need any. 

I was waiting for someone at the airport recently when it struck me that I was getting restless only because I was letting myself get bored.If I was reading something interesting or putting my brain to good use I wouldn’t be so piqued. 

After all, what else could I do inside the walls of an airport? A lot, in fact. So I decided to write this and felt very productive. Why do we let someone’s late arrival disappoint us when we can do something fruitful? The next time you’re waiting for your turn to come at your doctor’s clinic or you’re stuck in a long queue, start doodling, or dancing, or singing, or squeaking. Anything that interests you! 

Now, this is my opinion and may not apply to all situations. For instance, it is only normal to be frustrated when you’re driving your way through traffic jams. So my solution to this: listen to new music in that time, catch up with your mom or just put on a podcast. 


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