Hashtag Success

I read an article in The New Yorker that mentioned 8 habits of successful people. Refer to it here: http://goo.gl/UIgZxN

I can definitely tell you habits you should follow to be successful, because it’s as easy as finishing a medium cheese pizza.

Inculcating these habits in your daily routine will definitely transform you into the person you aspire to be. Because guess what? Success is as easy as reading an article. Here it goes.

  1. Google how to be successful: Why? Google that too.
  2. Click on the first link and read through it. Post the link that you find to be the most motivating on Facebook, with a hashtag. Why? Nothing happens for real unless it is posted on social media. P.S.- Hashtags are crucial, don’t skip them. You won’t be considered cool otherwise.
  3. Think and be positive for upto 5 minutes after  reading the post and then go back to watching the re-runs of the cheesy soap opera you follow.
  4. Remember that you read something motivational the next day. Remember, the article told you to not be hard on yourself. So relax, sleep, eat, spend money, success is just finding the way to your home. It’s taking time because successes’ google maps can’t function properly due to the bad 3-G network. (Gotta ask Airtel where the signals are the strongest. People following their latest campaign will get this.)
  5. Some articles will tell you something so deep, something you couldn’t figure out by yourself even if decades went by. “Find what you love doing”, “Set clear goals”, “Work hard”. Genius!
  6. “They Rise and Shine”: Based on the premise that ordinary people don’t rise, they sink?  They don’t shine either, put some glitter on yourself. You’ll be sure to shine.
  7. Last and definitely the least, “eat breakfast”. No kidding, this is a legit pointer from a piece by Forbe’s.  So please, all of you reading this oh so meaningful post, have breakfast, everyday. Eat that muesli, drink that juice and gulp down that coffee. Additionally, bathe, go to work, breathe and exist. Basically, do what everyone does, that’s all you need.

Jokes apart, I don’t think success is definite. It can have different connotations for different people. You may want to be famous and influential, person B might equate it to building the perfect home. There is indeed, no recipe for success. No precise measurements and charts telling you how many tablespoons of hard work to put in and how many of bowls of lethargy you’re supposed to eliminate. Make your own, no matter how bad it tastes, it’ll be yours. (Phew, this paragraph is getting too intense.)

I think I should end this post here and ask google how to write non-crappy blog posts.



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