On your mark, get set, go!

Unusual voice: “Knock knock” Human: ” Who’s there?” Unusual voice: “Erm, alien?”

Human: ” Alien who?” Unusual voice: ” The creature who you don’t think about enough.”

This is the kind of situation I imagine myself to be in when I ponder over extraterrestrial beings. I am one who believes that they exist. How can some form of life not exist ANYWHERE in the universe! It has to, even though we haven’t really encountered it so far in time other than incidents with no proof for validation.

What makes me believe so strongly about ‘aliens’ is the concept of counting. I haven’t gone whack, but I’ll try to explain why. We can’t decipher the limits to which the universe can go on, which implies that we  can’t possibly venture around the entire universe. And if we can’t explore it in its entirety we can’t dismiss a lot of possibilities. Possibilities of there being life beyond the unknown, and maybe even more than just life.

More than life, yes,  because the universe is immeasurable, no scales, no measurements, nothing works in front of this gargantuan emo-like space. (Hope you got the pun.)

There are ways that scientists have invented and discovered to understand this though. The most basic reference being the nucleus of an atom. Add to this theories about relativity of time, the fact that time in a galaxy that is  billions of light years away from ours, will be different. For context, it helps to think about  how a few hours cost the two scientists roughly 23 years on Earth in the movie, ‘Interstellar’. It is so beautiful and exciting, but at the same frightening, the study of the Universe.

It’s more scary than watching The Shining alone at 4:00 am in the morning. Really, think about it when you’re sitting alone in your room on one of those eerily silent nights. Being oblivious to the rest of the universe is like sitting in a city with 4 walls around it and not having a clue about what’s happening on the other side of the planet.

We are so accustomed to having limits on everything, to be able to count everything and anything. A dozen eggs, a trillion dollar economy, 2 eyes, 100 gallons of water, exponential growth, the list is endless. Even the bottomless bowl of soup will get over, Heston Blumenthal’s crazy experiments like making the largest cookie and dunking it in an equally large scalable pot of tea WILL end too, the highest peak in the world will end after you’re done climbing it and so will the coke on the rocks that you’re having with 3 slices of your pizza. Therefore, letting go of this sense of counting, is just bizarre. Its unimaginable. At least it doesn’t register well with me.

I get restless and anxious even when the traffic lights don’t have a timer telling me the seconds left for it to go green so that we can start the engines only to merge into more traffic.  Imagine not knowing how much battery is left in your phone, we intend to let it drop till 1 percent before finally plugging it in.

To be able to count, to measure is so important. Numbers are really that potent, yes. Imagine the kind of handicap we would face without it, how would perfectly moist cakes get baked without the precise measurements, how would humans stumble upon the numbers and calculations to determine angles and inclinations. Did you know that the good old angry birds involves SO much trigonometry and complex mathematics? Every kind of angle you make with that boomerang is carefully measured upon by a genius geek.

How would we strike gold with a game that defined childhood for us: Hide and Seek, anyone?

I believe we would still be living in the ‘Flintstone’ type of era without counting. Pay-checks would simply become blocks of stone, not evenly cut every time, because who cares. It would be hell, it would be chaos.

Of course, counting isn’t an invention, it’s more of a discovery. But someone discovered it. Sadly, we do not know who that person was since it happened that long ago. But we sure do hope his/her soul rests in peace.

Wait, what if it was an alien who came to earth, explained what counting means to an earthling, and went back!  Oh my god, bye.




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