Thank your stars you’re in the 21st century!

This post is about how as the centuries are going by, human beings are becoming better rounded versions of themselves How? Here’s how, when I think of myself being born in the world that was in the 1930’s, I don’t imagine that I’d be a part of the collective questioning, debating, solution making that there is today.

The present time, especially our generation is more pragmatic, understanding and doesn’t take injustice. We do make sure to raise our voices when we can, mostly for the right reasons. I believe this is so because today, it is easier to be aware. To know and be informed.

Organising a march is so much easier through social media openings. I can read up about anything, absolutely anything on my phone if I have a functional internet connection.

Now imagine doing this about 30 years back, you’d have to go the library to search for those books, talk to people to get your hands on so many resources. A lazy person like I am would forego doing that, just because. So I have an advantage in this century, perhaps I am more efficient because of swift availability and SO MANY options.

Let’s talk about culture and how our perspectives have evolved over time.
I will take reference from a friends’ episode. Now friends is set up about 20 years back in America. There is an episode in which the character Rachel is conscious of herself and is afraid to eat out alone because of the social stigma of being thought of as a ‘loner’ or simply ‘weird’. I often find myself in situations like these, especially after having moved away from home where I want to go and eat out but none of the people I know want to hangout with me. ( Hurts, but I deal with it.)

So recently, I went to a Starbucks near by and decided to drink up cold coffee and observe people like a creep.

Now if you’re someone like me who thinks everyone in a room is looking at you when you walk in and you want to settle down as fast as you can so that you’re invisible, you’ll know that getting attention is not your ideal scenario. And sitting alone in a place where everyone is with someone, is not ideal if such was the case.

To my surprise, however, when I went up there I saw that the number of people who are by themselves and doing their work or reading up or just listening to music was more than the people chatting away in groups. Therefore, it isn’t ‘weird’ to be alone and dining by yourself anymore. ( Again, exceptions remain. The case is obviously better in the more urban areas.)

When I ask or tell my parents this, this type of dining out alone or just being with yourself wasn’t as prevalent as it is becoming today. Hence so much importance to this one aspect of social behaviour.

Am I over thinking when I feel that this is our generation evolving to something better?

I believe our generation is not only
Pragmatic, which is good, we try to question the limits, we don’t listen a lot to our parents about certain silly superstitions like ” don’t wash your hair on Thursdays”. ( Trivial, but true.)
We are definitely informed rebels, some of us. ( Well, not always. We are wrong when we are wrong.)

In an average Hindu household, if the parents don’t eat meat, the children are expected to do the same. Even something as trivial as this, is changing, since I’ve heard instances where parents don’t enforce their own choices on their children. Applicable to career paths, food choices, lifestyle choices too. Exceptions will always remain though.

If there are greater problems, new and rare diseases, pollution due to advancements in so many fields, we’re not completely dismissing that a solution is required to fight the side-effects of development. Some of the 7 billion people do work towards finding solutions to those.

Be it ideas like using edible spoons with take-out food instead of plastic ones, or a pencil that can be sharpened down and sowed in the ground to grow into a tree. There is a flow of useful creative thinking happening. Also, about 18% of the world energy usage is coming from renewable resources now, which is better than 0, definitely.

Talking about appreciating Not so relatable times, we stay in the 21st century and there are on an average about 6.8 million people per season watching a Tv series called ‘ Game of thrones’. A show based in medieval times, where in none of us can relate to their way of life and why those people are going whack over an iron throne to ‘rule’ the people and where chopping off somebody’s head isn’t that big a deal.
We don’t relate to this, we can’t, but we’re going bonkers over it.

We’re questioning everything from equal pay for women in sports and the corporate world to gay rights. We’re also understanding that there’s a difference between rights and privileges. For instance, the ability for A to be with B, is a right, not a privilege.

Although, on the off hand, we are becoming more lazy as a result of so many on demand services. For instance, there’s a service which allows people to wait in various lines so that you don’t have to, they can get concert tickets for you, wait in lines to get a ‘cronut’, the passport office, you name it. Hence. Alot of people processes outsourcing. Also, I may add, services like these are meant for the ” cash rich and time poor ” people. Similarly, there’s an app here in Bangalore which acts as a valet for you, all you do is pay online and the valet is ready to park your car when you arrive there.

So yes, we’re pretty amazing, the 21st century humans. Aren’t we? And not just the young, but the middle-aged and even the old, since my grandmother made the effort to
open a Facebook account and my parents attempted to set up FaceTime. (Failed, but they are learning.) ¬†Therefore, everyone’s trying to learn and catch up!


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