No words were spoken

I shifted to Bangalore about 11 days back. I know absolutely no one here and neither have I been to Bangalore before this. 
It’s slightly intimidating, any place seems alienating to me if I know nothing about it. Might be the case with other’s as well. Duh. 
In the coming week, I had to figure out a few things on my own. The nearest grocery store, fruit vendor, milk supplies, water etc. The usual. 
I imagined saying, ” A girl is no one” to myself repeatedly just because no one would know me on random roads and there’s not really a probability of finding someone I would know either. (Game of thrones references, always. ) This is unusual for me, because in Chandigarh which happens to be my home, you go to the only mall there is and you’re bound to spot your 3rd grade teacher or the neighbour you don’t like. 

Whereas in North campus Delhi which was home for 3 years, there are hoards of known faces everywhere. 

Coming to the point of this post, finally. In an unknown place it’s so much easier to figure things out because of the kind of advancement technology has made. Especially for a person of few words. 
I’m an unapologetic introvert. I don’t usually like to speak unless it’s absolutely required. Not because I’m shy or introverts are shy people, it’s just a matter of comfort, I think. Comfort in being silent. Which some people can find pissing off or rude. 
Anyway, on one of my off days I decided to venture out into the area I live in and figure out how I’ll go about a few errands. 
That day I realised that my daily life was made so much easier by advancements and so on. 
Searched for the nearest ATM on google maps, check. Book a cab through an app, check. No need to speak yet. Nearest grocery store, I didn’t have to ask around, no looking for an appropriate stranger who I’d think could help. 
Basically, no judging a book by its cover. Because the more ‘gangster’ a person looks, the chances of you taking help from him/her are reduced greatly. Right? Unconsciously, we all do this. 
From finding out the best coffee in Indiranagar to finding out where I could get my SIM card punched to finding out the best chai wala. I can do everything, without speaking a word. 
I booked the flat I’m staying in right now, online too. How ridiculously amazing is that! Enter your details on the site and within one or two verbal communications I was done! Minimalism is not only restricted to my Instagram hashtags after all. 
Also, being quiet doesn’t mean that I don’t crack silly jokes or don’t go on and on at times. ( ‘101 lame jokes’ is like my bible.) But I take my own sweet time to get used to the ‘new’. This might not be a particularly positive trait, but all these convenient apps are definitely making it more difficult for people like me to come out of their shells and shower random words here and there. 


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