Have you wondered?

Hi, so here is some pseudo food for thought or analyses or simply nothing. Have you ever wondered?

The finest food in the world is often a spoonful worth of food. It’s supposed to be the best tasting mouthful money can buy. By finest, I mean the established definition of fine dining. AKA, fancy ass places a middle income earning individual can’t afford.

I have never been to one of the few michelin starred restaurants across the world, but I am sure that even if the dishes being produced inside these places were to die for, the quantity of these would not be enough, and this would be enough to piss me off. Imagine that you’re digging into a spiral of crispy, slightly orange, syrupy, sweet and hot…. (Yes, that’s how it’d feel like to eat a spoonful, only a spoonful of tasty food.)

Yet, I’d be paying through my nose for such an experience. I can appreciate the taste, the aroma, the effort that goes into making these and even the presentation of it, but I simply cannot digest the fact that I cut a hole in my pocket to still be hungry. I am certain that there must be a good enough reason behind these proportions, but unless I know there’s some extra food on the table, I am not okay. My stomach is not okay.

Recently, at the Delhi airport I decided to order a ‘lemon mojito’ from an outlet of a  popular chain in the city. Not only was the drink more expensive, but the size was smaller too. I mean, fine, airport prices are higher. But why does the litres of bad mojito go to hell as well?

On a slightly different and amusing note, a two piece swimming costume costs more than a regular swimming costume. A two-seater luxury car is more expensive than a 5 seater luxury car.

Every time I go to buy my go to chips’ packet, AKA ‘magic masala’, the price is higher and the number of chips inside the bag can be counted effortlessly. Forget price rise, that’s inevitable, but Lays should start giving it’s very loyal customer’s a decent handful atleast. Not cool, inflation coupled with business logics I don’t get, not cool at all.





3 thoughts on “Have you wondered?

  1. Slay the bourgeois!

    Seriously though, I was in CP just a couple of days ago and really liking the thought of eating ice-cream to myself. Lo and behold, there were at least 5 vendors in my line of sight. I hop on, and find that every one of them was selling ice cream 10 rupees higher than what is charged in a ‘normal’ area. Chips are 5 to 10 rupees more expensive that usual. Geographically-inclined MRPs defeat the Maximum in MRPs.


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