A pointless analogy

I started the process of being glued to Game of Thrones only 7 days ago. There are two types of people, those who don’t go beyond the pilot episode and those who go all the way. I am on my way to going all the way. (What’s not to like? Gore, fights, murders, and a more than decent storyline.)

Based in medieval times, we see that in the fictional state of Westeros, success is  equivalent to having a huge army that can fight for you and make you win the throne. This is the  premise of Game of Thrones. Whilst watching one of the episodes in season 3, it hit me that entrepreneurship and having an army in Game of Thrones has more things in common than peak summer days and the urge to swim. (Erm, yes. At least in my mind.)

This post is an attempt to explain why I or someone else in this world might have thought about it too. Hmmph.

Now, let’s start with imagining that I am Mehr of House Gill. (Doesn’t sound very convincing but deal with it.) If I want to sit on the iron throne and rule, I need an army that’d fight for me, kill for me and live for me. This is, apart from the family name that I have. Because, legacy. We’re in the medieval times that is consumed by patriarchy, these people are mad about their family honour and name. Last names in the lines of  Bachchan, Ambani, Kapoor, Oberoi in Indian terms would work better I believe.

The members of this army are trained swordsmen, trained to brutally murder the enemy. In other words they are the employees of to be King X’s or Queen Y’s venture. The sole aim: The Iron Throne. The power to rule, command and sometimes make ridiculous decisions just because they can. ( Remember the Mad King? )

What is entrepreneurship? Starting a venture of your own. It could be born out of passion or simply because you have the smarts for it or both. You start small and aim to acquire the ranks of meta-ventures like Google, Facebook, Uber etc.

The difference here is that there are many iron thrones up for grabs in the worlds’ Silicon valley. Since a few successful ventures offering different services can imagine to co-exist. Unlike the situation in Westeros, where only one clan can prevail.

Either way, you’re a potent part of a team where you’re helping to  realise a dream. You’re an essential element of this work in progress and with or without a sword, you have some important things to deal with. (What? You can’t just kill in the 21st century and get away with it.) Maybe, I should start watching ‘How to get away with murder too’.

So, yes, I think I have been unsuccessful in explaining to the terribly few readers of this post about this pointless analogy. But since it is pointless, it doesn’t matter, does it?



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