The Over Thinking Chronicles: Part 1

It was the usual ‘get some coke’ from the market chore given to me by mom day before night. I could have walked, but since I don’t get to drive often, I decided otherwise.

After finding a place in the  parking lot rather than looking for some around the footpath (which is mostly the case), I stepped down.

A man, must be around 28-30 years of age came upto me and described to me his situation. According to him, someone duped him of his money. His wife was standing behind him and I also noticed 3 small children besides their mother, shyly looking at me. He wanted to go back to Nagpur, where he came from and didn’t have enough money.

I am not a very quick thinker in tense situations, so I told him to wait. I decided to think about what I should do whilst I completed the errand. I was in a very obvious dilemma, should I believe him and give him some money or just ignore the whole deal and vroom away. My heart and brain were clearly not in any sort of equilibrium.

I went towards my car and sat down, fastened my seat belt. He came upto me again, I pulled down the window.

I decided to give him 200 rupees. This amount could be sufficient for him to get food for his family. But I was still not sure if I should give him more, he seemed to be genuinely in trouble.

Now, he and his family could have been putting up this act which isn’t very tough to pull off, or not. But I am one who can overthink anything and everything. What would you have done?


2 thoughts on “The Over Thinking Chronicles: Part 1

  1. I come across this dilemma everytime a beggar knocks on my car window too. I would love to help someone in need, but I’m always unsure of their motive. Are they trying to fool me, is this all a gimmick, will they be laughing at my stupidity as soon as my car roles out the parking. Maybe I have these doubts and the reluctance to help because growing up I’ve heard from parents and teachers that ‘the world’ is a scary place and everyone is going to step all over you.
    Recently becoming (and feeling like) an adult, I’ve accepted that I don’t need to be validated by my elders on every decision I make no matter how lost I might be. So, to answer your question:
    I would’ve done as you did, with just as much self-doubt.


    1. Yes, it felt right when I handed him over the money that I could. Felt a great degree of self-doubt though, AFTER the incident. But I guess if you start over thinking every tiny detail SO much, deeds in the name of ‘humanity’ will lessen.
      Glad about your answer. 🙂


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