Graduation and Beyond


College is over. (Whaaaaaaat?) That’s a thought that must be nestled in most of the graduates’ mind right now. College being over marks an end of an era (well, almost).

I’ve been wondering about what will life be like when college gets over since the last six months. Here I am, sitting at home and thinking about what I am feeling now that college is actually over.


Being in college meant you could get student discounts at various eating joints and salons near campus. It also meant, doing every ‘crazy’ thing with your peers just because ‘ this time will never come again’. But what happens when it actually gets over? Frankly, I do not know. I guess everyone just moves on like moving on from a long relationship that you had with junk food. (You broke up with delicious, oily and fatty food because wearing your jeans gives you a nightmare now.)


The following text is a slightly personal account of what goes on in the average graduates mind and how can you deal with it. (But I am no expert, I am a 20 year old myself, but read on if you feel like you’ll relate.)


It takes a while for this feeling to sink in, since you were used to this particular lifestyle you had created for yourself and by the end of it, were actually quite fond of it. Even if you weren’t, everyone has some take-away from this 3-4 year period of your life. On the other hand, you could be the one who constantly struggled to make your presence felt somewhere or the other.

In both cases, and the several others I haven’t mentioned, you take the center stage.


There’s a mixture of emotions, drama along with excitement and worry for what the future holds. Getting undergraduate degrees, we are one step closer to the image of what we want to become. (Or a step farther, if you’ve studied a degree out of parental pressure or any other reasons.) You have the freedom to shape your life, as you want to. (But it’s definitely more difficult than molding and playing with play doh.)


The day it hits you that this period is really over is when you’re at the airport/bus-stand/railway station saying the very last bye to your best friends. You don’t know when you’ll see them again, or even if you do, you’ll never be in college again. This time is never coming back, but what will keep coming back are the ‘memories’ or what you made yourself into during this time.

For others like me, it might hit you late that you’ve reached the end.


The silver lining is the gap between this period and the starting of what you’re about to pursue next. Take a break, do things you missed out on because of internships, prior commitments and travel or simply sit back at home and binge watch Game of Thrones. (Or any other series you might like, not forcing you all.)

For those taking a gap year, it is definitely going to be harder since your schedule is in your hands and you are yet to get what you want. Also, there are so many stigmas associated with this step, especially in India. But at the same time the number of students following it is only increasing which shows that there is nothing wrong with taking it slow before moving on to the paths of establishing our buildings in career land. So, go ahead travel the world if you have resources and means or simply take a year to figure out what you really want to do by engaging yourself in art, music or just sleeping through it. (It’s your choice, really.)


For the other lot, moving cities and changing rooms might hold a certain amount of excitement. For those who loathe packing and shifting, find some motivation to do so.


Nonetheless, we are now in better shape, if not perfect to take on what lies ahead. (Hopefully, yes.)








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